Tuesday, July 6, 2010


SANY0116 Stitch

I wanted to update somehow, something that is besides “language school blah blahh…” so here's what I did this weekend at Mollendo, a little coastal town.

About 3 hours by bus between the two cities.
The bus ride was absolutely amazing, the pictures I took could not do it justice.  We were going from 7,800 feet to sea level through the Andes mountains.  The scapes were crazy.  We arrived at about 1 on Saturday and I got checked in to my hotel.  I was the only one in my room, so that was ballin.  Micah tried to talk me out of it but I saw his jealousy of my own-room-status.  The room was pretty cool and had an awesome (for Peru) shower.  I went and got lunch at the club, and proceeded to get some guys together to play futbol.  We ended up ballin for about 5 hours on a little basketball court with goals and a little turf field.  We had a tourney, and that was pretty cool.  I didn't really relax on Saturday.  We went to dinner and then walked around the town for an hour searching for a coffee shop that didn't exist.  I went back to the hotel and went to bed after that extremely successful run to the coffee shop.


Sunday I woke up and ate breakfast with the Linnell's at the hotel.  I went out and took a bunch of pictures because if I didn't take them then, I wouldn't take them at all.  I went to the beach with Trevor to read my Bible but one of the short termers that works for Extreme was in the water.  So I had to be in the water too.  The swells were so big, and the undertow was so strong; I could have easily died.  Once you got to your waste you start to panic because the ocean does whatever it wants with you.  I've never seen the Pacific before but this left a whole lot better impression than the Atlantic or the Gulf.  The sur was so much more active than the Gulf or Atlantic.  SANY0112After that, I went and showered for the second time that day and it was only 11 in the morning.  I went and bought 15 pieces of bread, a bag of "lady fingers" (which are like ricotta shaped things with a sweet layer on the outside), and a 2.25 liter of Inca Kola, and I watched the Tour de France in English.  That was pretty relaxing, so much so that I couldn't resist taking a nap.  I dined out with Trevor, Micah, the Duerre's, and the Smith's to Patrick's Bar & Grill which was pretty good.  We then had a bonfire and roasted hot dogs on the beach to celebrate the Day of Independence.  It was pretty fly.

SANY0089Monday, I don't really remember what I did so it must not have been that important.  Well this blog post might have been a bit dry, but I wanted to share my weekend and first experience doing something.


  1. sounds like youre not enjoying yourself at all down there... except the opposite. love you bud!

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