Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The New Normal

Normality, how……boring.  Well I can’t say that a day here is boring.  By no means am I bored, because I know what to do with my free time.  I’m easily always doing something, and when I have nothing to do…I further my studies in the Bible, to get to know my Boss better.  The saying here at Zamacola is:

“Either you’re overwhelmed or you’re bored. There is no middle.”

That can be true, but I’m in South America for only two years.  I can’t let that happen.

Normality, how……intriguing.  The new normal me is a completely different normal. I’ve changed so much since being here.  These are only the things that I am self aware of, who knows the things that others observe:

What legalism I had, is gone.  Having seen what legalism does to people made me self aware of what I thought.  Now in comparison, the amount I had and the amount I see on a daily basis are worlds apart.

A dedicated time of devotion.  Before, I would not have a set schedule but I would get my daily readings in.  Now, first thing in the morning is my devoted time.  A day without it is literally hell because of the spiritual warfare.

I wake up sooo early.  Some days I am the first up.  You get so much more done.

I like eggs.  Vegetables. Meat. Sauce.  It all.  There are some things I don’t mind and wouldn’t choose, but I will eat.  Before, I used to think how in the world would anyone put an egg in their mouth.  Now, I make two huevos fritos for myself daily.

I would say I was on the more cold side of things before coming here.  Now I feel so much love for others.  Before stuff was just a fact of life, now it’s how can I help this or that person.

My Spanish, of course.  I am picking it up so well.  I truly think it is an answer to my daily prayers, I can only give the credit where it is due.  I understand about 90% of what the professor says in class and my tongue is improving every day.  I talk with confidence most of the time and am not afraid to start a conversation with someone on the street.  I always secretly hope that people will talk with me on combis and stuff so I can tell them who I am.

I have such a grateful heart.  I am thankful for things that you cannot realize you have unless they are take away.  I see materials in a completely different aspect, including money.  For example. Imagine you need to go somewhere across the city.  Let’s say 15 minutes away by car.  You don’t just walk out to your car and hop in it.  You go to the end of your driveway.  Wait there while a ton of buses buzz by with names of districts on the front of them.  You pick the one that you need and hop on it as fast as you can because about 20 other people are thinking the same thing you are.  You’re in.  You’re packed in.  You didn’t get to be the lucky one and you standing, squished.  Of course this bus doesn’t take the direct route to your destination.  In fact it doesn’t go exactly there at all.  It goes relatively there and you have to walk there.  This takes and hour, and you’re standing.  More people are getting on, and actually hanging out because it’s so packed.

I didn’t mind it at first, for the first couple of months.  But now it’s such a pain.  It makes me wish that Carlos was down here with me.  If you just want to go to the grocery store, you have to go through this hassle (well it doesn’t take an hour, but it’s also only 4 or 5 minutes by car.)

The new normal, for me, is actually the new awesome.  You thought I was awesome before, well you were being deceived by my awesomeness.  Now I am truly awesome, and will only excrete more awesomeness to others.

Be in prayer for me, as they always help.  My awesomeness took a hit this week as I really felt the spiritually warfare.  Somebody doesn’t want me to be here, and I felt like I went into a slight depression.  It’s tough, but it’s also good to know.  It means I’m doing the right things.


  1. Garren man. I'm glad you are giving us a glimpse of your heart. I'm proud of how you are doing with your Spanish and each time you get up to present in class I notice a difference. I'm so excited to be in Peru doing this work and I'm so glad to have you as a brother and friend here. Love you man.

  2. Aunt Vanessa is proud...and when I said I'm just trying to keep you's because I knew you would make a comment about being AWESOME. barf. But really I'm proud of you and for the little time I've known you I've seen a lot of growth. And I hate that you're practically a decade younger than me and correct my Spanish all the time, but I'll take it cause I want to be better. el fin.

  3. Thanks for this Garren. Keep on!

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