Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Thankful

The important thing here is that to be thankful shouldn’t be limited to today. But everyday.  It seems impossible, but one day a year also should seem impossible.

Being down here has given light to many things and has made me more thankful than ever.  That is no understatement, I have never more thankful for the things I have than now.  I have compiled a list of things in which I am thankful.  The majority of these things I don’t have, and that is why I am so thankful for them.

Family.  The importance of family is revealed to me everyday.  I have realized this upon building a new family, and being away from my own.

Cars.  More specifically, my own car.  The complete luxury it is to be able to hop in your own, and go exactly where you want.

Silence.  Is golden.  And I would like a day of silence for my birthday.

Alone time.  Always being with someone is not good.  It makes someone who normally sleeps in get up an hour before everyone else.

My own space.  I once had a Garren space, and I didn’t realize how awesome it was (not because I was in it) because it was my own.  It didn’t smell bad, it smelt Garren.  It was always just the way I liked it.

Not cars.  I’ve lived without the constant sound, smell of cars for my entire life.  The roar and odor of 3rd world country cars has made me wish for the country.

The weather.  More specifically, the changing weather.  Rain. Snow.  Cold. Hot. Humid.  It’s nice to throw a little bit of variety in there.  (Oh what I’d do for a thunderstorm.)

The weather.  More specifically, the constant, perfect weather.  I’m so thankful for a 75 and sunny type of climate.  I never knew I would love it that much.

Friends.  I’m thankful they come in all shapes and sizes, and that has helped me a lot.  Since being down here I’m thankful that God has shown me who my real friends are, who I consider my real friends, and how much I truly love them (those in the States, and here.)

Money.  I am so thankful for money, and the fact that I have it.  Being reduced to the monthly allowance has really tried me and forced me to adjust.

The Bible.  Got so much to rely on with this one, and so much to be thankful for.  I wouldn’t be here without it.

Food.  Who ate food before? Not me.  But now I am thankful for every type and the time/hard work it takes to put it all together.

Being able to communicate.  Without having to think.  Being able to talk to the clerk or the neighbor without hesitance.  Being able to express your absolute true feelings and thoughts.  That doesn’t come easy when you have to start from the bottom up.

Cardboard.  Moreover, the stuff I get in the 6 sides of cardboard.  Always so thankful for the stuff you send and the care you have.

Fall.  Autumn.  Otoño.  Without it, everything is…the same.

Computers.  I can’t imagine doing the work I do without being able to stay connected with my family and friends back home.

The Fridge.  Countless times I used to walk over to the fridge, open it up, look up and down.  Then 50% I would close it, and the other 50% I’d get something out.  That is soooo luxurious.

Wal-Mart.  Being able to go there.  Being able to go there, have everything you need, and not having to talk to anyone.  Them having the lowest prices, where here the equivalent of Wal-Mart (I use equivalent lightly), have the higher prices as compared to the markets (which smell great, bppppt.)

The Ol’ Any Time Shower.  Or not having to have the sun to be out to get a shower, a warm shower at least.  Cold ones are always available.

Dishwasher.  Put the plate in, done.

Music.  Music. Music.  Being able to play it loud in my car.  Being able to play it.

Carpet.  Soft, fluffy, warm.  My feet long for the feel of carpet.

Grass. To go along with carpet, but outside.

Much more.  The small stuff.  The stuff I never used to think about.  That’s what gets me.

I am so blessed to be here.  This is an amazing opportunity, and all those little things that I miss that I mentioned above don’t add up to be even close to the job I get to do on a daily basis.  I ran into some missionaries from South Afrika.  They said we have “greatest job in the world.”  Without a doubt.  I can’t be more thankful than this opportunity I have.  It truly is the greatest blessing.


  1. Garren, I am thankful every day for your dad, brother, sister and you. I miss you very much and today it is a reality as to how much. I thank God that He saved me and protects me. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving with your family. ILY...bunches.

  2. I'm so thankful for my little brothers and another 20 months with them! Time to watch them be stretched and molded by our Father, time to go down awesome Puno slides together, time to grow closer, time to explore Peru, time to laugh, time to watch movies, time to make a difference in P-town. Love you and appreciate you little brudder!