Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What’s in the Bag?

Having worked here for over a year as a missionary, I’ve learned to have the same essentials in my bag at all times. Now’s the time to share what and why.P1060646

1 Blue/Orange Nike Pullstring Bag

Light and convenient. The main reason I use this and not a full on backpack is because Geremías sits behind me on the moto, and a large backpack would leave us very uncomfortable.

1 NIV Bilingual Bible

This is the same Bible I use to study with in the mornings. Then I take it out with me all day. It’s falling apart, and it’s only 2 years old. Bilingual is necessary because sometimes people will ask us exactly what stuff means, and every once in a while they ask me stuff that I don’t know what it means in Spanish. I look over to the English translation and there it is.

x Church Invitations

They’ve got an explanation of the church, times and days of services, the address, and on the back a salvation message. I always carry more than 2.

1 Notebook

This is where I record anything but mostly everything. It’s mostly used for noting where people are in their discipleship lessons. On the cover I scratched words similar to those that are seen on the back of vests of government construction workers, “Con Obras, el Reino Progresa (With Work, the Kingdom Progresses.)

1 Ball-Point Retractable Pen

For writing in the notebook and lending to those who need to fill out their information or the discipleship lesson.

1 Literary Work

In this case it is a Spanish book to help me with my vocabulary. It’s not always this book, but it is always something. Usually a theological book if it’s not Spanish. If we get any time, I usually open it up.

1 Tube of 45SPF Aval Facial Sunscreen

Applied to nose and cheeks. The UV index here in Puno is 15 this time of year, anything above 11 is considered “extreme.”

6 Discipleship Books

“Knowing God’s Walk” and “Fundamentals of the Christian Faith.”

1 Manila Envelope

Taped and with cardboard on the insides so not to damage

1 Baseball Cap

My scalp burns  and then flakes and my hair gets super hot. Everyone wears hats here because the sun is so strong, unless you’re my partner who’ll put a Bible, scarf, or his coat on his head before he puts a hat on.

2 Socks

Nothing worse than stepping in a puddle at the beginning of the day and then having to walk around with cold, wet feet all day.

1 Fujifilm 14.0 Megapixel Point-and-Shoot Camera

You never know when you’ll need it. I used to take it out only on days that were big event days but I learned quickly that everyday is a big day.

1 Case Logic Compact Camera Case

To house and protect the camera.

1 Beanie

Because it’s always always cold when the sun sets, no matter what time of day.


Not Pictured (not kept in bag):

1 LG Cellular Phone

1 Motorcycle Key w/ Remote

1 Money Pouch

1 Set of 4 Keys

House key. Church key. Other church key. Extra motorcycle key.

2 Black Pleather Gloves

1 HJC Silver Motorcycle Helmet

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