Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flo Rida

Airports. Orientation. Lollygagging. Bumming around. Orientation. Beach. Orientation. Orientation. Beach. Bumming around.

It's officially day one, nearing the end. Today and yesterday have consisted of the previous statements. Met some people on the plane, I feel inclined to talk to those who are next to me. Luckily the crew is legit and it's easy to dive into deep conversation with any of them. We're just living at Hobe Sound Bible College in the dorms, it's pretty chill. Pretty small. Pretty conservative. Pretty much blows Olivet strictness out of the water. Orientation is a thrill ride, except the opposite most of the time. The best part is just probably interacting with the fellows. But the deed must be done in order to go on, understandable. Nothing eye opening here, just an update to show ya that I'm still alive. I said good day.

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