Friday, May 21, 2010

Thompson Pea

What a guy, Thompson Pea. Roy and I were doing laundry and on our way back said "hello" to a passerby. He stopped us and asked what we were doing. This pass by turned in to 20 minutes of intriguing conversation. Thompson, a native of New Guinea shared his heart with us and it was so obvious to see how huge of a heart he has. Thompson left 5 children and a wife to get an education in ministry. If I could only describe what this man was telling us and how he was going to pray for us. The passion in his voice was indescribable. It was much more deep than I could ever describe it and it had a deeper meaning that only Roy and I would understand.
This just topped off the most emotional days of my life. We basically had a psychologist come in and mess with our minds and hearts. She created situations and thoughts to stir our minds. She did a fantastic job. The last two days, we as a team, transitioned from "team" to "family." It was incredibly tough on the heart but each and everyone of us opened up to a large extent. It was great to hear our conference leader share that our group was very special to her.
And so this is the last night I am in FL. I am emotionally drained but the spirits are up. I never thought I'd say this, but I am more than excited to leave the state of Florida.
Lima and Arequipa, look out.
P.S. - That's my girl Ella.

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  1. Ella is going to have a great time with you...and so will her little brother.