Monday, June 21, 2010

Post Love

Nick Vujicic, the main speaker, called the audience of 8,000 to change their lives.  He called them to stand up if they wanted to make the change.  They stood up in unison as one.  He thought that maybe they misunderstood what he was saying.  He repeated that it was for only people who wanted Jesus to come into their lives for the first time.  They stood up again.  One more time, maybe the message was lost in translation.  And one more time the crowd stood up.  Nick told this to Brian Tibbs after the event that normally only 10 to 20 percent stand up when he calls them to.  He thought that it was possible that maybe they didn't understand, so he repeated it 2 more times.  He said about 60 to 80 percent stood up each time.  He told Brian that the only way that this was possible is if this event was bathed in prayer.  If you have prayed at home, know that you have done a good work.  It is a vital foundation of what we believe here at Extreme and it was extremely powerful this weekend.
We had a goal of 10,000 people to show up to the event.  12,000 came, and there were 2,000 there in line before it opened.  We handed out 96,000 flyers and put up 30,000 posters (and some of us got a little ride with the po po.)  We have an elite team here at extreme, and I love my amigos here.  Felix Vargas spoke at the mens conference, and if you don't know who he is, you should research him.  Ex-drug cartel leader and trained killer turned Christian and overall great guy.  Lonna Vopat spoke at the womans conference, which I have no idea how it went (mainly because I'm not a woman.)  And the main event, Nick Vujicic, the man with no arms or legs spoke as the main event.  There were also concerts going on and such.  The location was at Cerro Juli, which is very much a fairground type of campus.  After Nick spoke, it was around 9 when they had the concert for teens.  This was time to go crazy.  There was probably only a hundred of us but it was the most fun I've had in a long time.  I ended up dancing, tacking, running in to people, making Peruvians get out of their comfort zone, getting stepped on, wrestling, and just going crazy that I puked during prayer afterwards.
On Sunday, we had a celebration day and we also announced the where Extreme is going next.  You can get the details on the Extreme Nazarene website.
First, Extreme Paraguay.  Paraguay is a country that hasn't been reached in 30 years.  Every missionary that has gone there has failed, left, or died.  Through a series of events, Felix Vargas (look him up for sure) has been appointed to be in charge of Paraguay.  We're sending 5 pairs of 40/40's down there to work along side him to open 15 churches of at least 1000 each.  Crazy.
Second, Extreme Columbia.  Home of the largest Nazarene church in the world (and I had the pleasure of meeting the pastor.)  They have 6 services of 2000+ people every Sunday, along with multiple services throughout the week.  Extreme has partnered up with this church, and they are going to build a 7,000 seat coliseum.  And they still want to have 6 services every Sunday. Nuts.
Finally, Extreme Peru 2.  To reach the city of Lima.  There are only 14 Nazarene churches in Lima, which is a city of 8 million.  It's a different approach to what I am doing now, but a very well thought out and Divine plan.
I want to urge each and every one of you reading this to get involved with extreme somehow.  We're looking for 100 mobilization officers to recruit and send out short termers and long termers.  You can be a full time volunteer or just a weekend a month.  You can sign up to be on the 365.24.7 prayer team and if you read above you know how important that is.  I encourage you to sign up to be a cluster support or a 40/40.  Don't say that its not for you or that it's not feasible because I thought that and this is easily the best decision I've ever made.  Donate two years of your life and your reward will be paid in full.  You have no idea how happy I'd be, and others would be, if one of my friends or relatives from the states come down here for Peru 2, Paraguay, or Columbia.  Do not hesitate to set up a skype date, or message me on FB, or email me to learn more and to talk with me about how I feel.

What I've been doing throughout this whole event is just about everything.  I've been running around like a crazy man getting stuff done.  I haven't been to any impact events, besides the actual megaevent, but I've been doing everything that needs to be done.  I had a day of 4 airport pick ups which was absolutely insane.  I had to do security all night after the event.  We have guinea pig mascot costumes in which Trevor and I slept in that night.  It would have been entertaining for someone to wake us up and see us in them.  Other than that, I just want to remind people that they can message me with questions and prayer doesn't hurt at all either.

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