Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Routinely Unroutine

So. We've been here over a week now.
Escuela Extremo (language school) has been a review so far, thanks to Dr. Marcos at Lakeland.  Although, it's pretty neat to have school outside, in the winter.  When we're not learning Spanish, Trevor teaches us his vast amount of mathematical knowledge.  Here he is teaching us integrals in calculus.  Except not.  The picture towards the bottom is mis companeros de la escuela de espanol.  We have a grand old time.
We had our first Sunday morning service.  After the service, one of the guys, Scott, asked us, "Was that torture for you?" Yes it was.  Scott has been here over a year and he says it's still hard to get the gist of the message from our pastor, which is my host-father, because he is hard to understand.  I appreciate some native speakers more than others because I can understand them, and their dictation makes a world of difference.  I was sick over the weekend, felt terrible in church, and had to pay super-attention just to pick up a few words here and there.  So it was torture.
Today we start our group Bible study, out of Joshua.  I read ahead in the first chapter and it spoke magnificently.   "No tengas miedo ni te desanimes.  Porque el Senor tu Dios acompanara dondequiera que vayas." - Josue 1:9.
Tambien hoy, Micah y yo vamos a preparar la comida para nuestra familia.  (Also today, Micah and I, are preparing dinner for our family.)  We are making pizza the American way.  We bought some pizza crust, a block of mozzarella, some meat close to pepperoni, y some salsa de pizza.  It should be interesting to see them eat our food.  Speaking of food, I think my fellow cohortians are witnessing a miracle.  I found out that I like eggs more than potatoes, pero comi mis papas y verduras (but I ate my potatoes and vegetables) the last two dinners.  And when I say "like" I mean, "don't hate as much."  A true miracle, as those who know me can concur.  I am acquiring new tastes, I think.
We visited Zamacola, where I'll be staying for 5 months.  Hello college dorm life all over again.  Not a bad dealio though because the facilities are of the elite.
One last thing, we lost internet in our house.  That makes it literally impossible to get on after 5 in the evening. This makes it impossible to skype people.  It's possible for the next three months I won't be able to keep in contact very much with everybody back home.  Lo siento.  We'll work things out, but for now no hay internet en mi casa.

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