Monday, August 16, 2010

Me he mudado y me mudare otra vez

So, I have moved into Zamacola (the Church/Dorm/School) and according to the title of this post, I’ll be moving again soon in a month.  More about that later.

I arrived here at Zamacola on Friday before graduation.  At graduation, we had to do a skit, which I believe was a major hit.  Right away, my body didn’t like adjusting to this environment and it went crazy.  So far I’ve been sick since I got here, with some kind of allergy.  So, I’ve been taking a lot of Benadryl and fall asleep at random times which is exciting.  School has started, but I haven’t had classes yet because our professor failed to arrive on time.  So this afternoon I’m going to have classes, in all out Spanish.SANY0007

My partner arrived on Saturday and his name is Jeremias Something Something (they have like 100 names.)  He’s pretty chill and super nice and generous.  He’s kind of quiet and conservative but we’ll fix that all in good time.  Can’t really describe much about him until I get to know him better.


Stitch View

SANY0015A little about Zamacola: It’s kind of cramped.  Hot showers are found between 11 and 1 because that’s when the sun is heating up the water.  It’s so cold all the time.  The food is so-so.  But we’re all together so it makes up for it (awwww.)  The picture above is the view from on top of the building in Zamacola.  No big deal.  The building to the left is Zamacola in all it’s glory.  It’s actually a pretty gangster looking building.

Zamacola is about a 15 minute combi ride from my old house.  It’s not a central location, but the pollution is a lot less here compared to my old house.

SANY0004This is our classroom.  We’re all getting ready and it’s about 8:30 only to be told that the professor won’t be showing up until the afternoon. Que pena, pues eso es Peru.






This is what it looks like when I enter Zamacola.  To the upper left is where my dorm is and to the upper right is the sanctuary.  To the bottom right is where we have school.

So I don’t think that anyone actually likes to live here in Zamacola because the conditions aren’t great, but in truth, I have no problem with them.  But, according to the title we are going to move again! In a month we’ll be moving to the red building pictured below.  It’s going to be great.  My cluster support parents, Chad and Amanda, will be getting the third floor, the girls will be getting the second floor, and us men will have the first floor.  Each floor has there own kitchen and bathroom.  I’m excited, and its only a two minute walk to school, which will remain in Zamacola.

Random: Went to a parade, accidentally.  The difference here, at parades they throw vegetables instead of candy.  Wow, that’s awesome.

One last thing, this weekend we’re all going to be going to Puno to visit the city!  I’m so pumped.  I’ve been told by so many that it’s different but it has its own culture.  I'ma get my tourist game face on.  I’ma get that outta the way so I don’t be touristy when I return again.  I’ma wear some cargo pants, a button up shirt, a belt that’s too long, a hat to protect me from the sun and some socks that go halfway up my shins.  That’ll fill my tourist fiche.


  1. You are so cute.
    Hey your partner has a name that must translate into your cousin Jeremiah's name. I am really enjoying your blogs and I hope you never get so busy that you cannot update them. I am praying for you and thinking about you often. Be good...ILY.

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