Sunday, October 24, 2010

All Moved In

I hope you like the new creepy Halloween theme of the blog.  No worries, I'll change it after.

So we moved into our new house on Saturday, and it was quite a chore.  The beds we were using were metal triple bunks, and they couldn’t fit in to our new rooms.  So we had to disassemble them first.  Then bring them down 2 floors to cut, weld, and reassemble them.  Then from there, we brought them 2 blocks down the road to our new apartment.  Re-disassemble them to get them through the bedroom doors, then re-reassemble them inside the rooms.  Ay ay ay, that was the worst part.  While we were doing that we also were bringing (by foot, and pickup truck) loads of our stuff.  It was an all day thing, I went from 6:45 in the morning to about 5:30 at night. 
One bonus, I got to drive the truck!  And it was stick, which was even greater of a bonus.  I was super nervous because I haven’t driven in 5 months, let alone stick in like a year.

I’ll explain the pictures above:
Top left: The second floor dining and hang out area, which is the girls floor.
Top right: Our view from the second floor, where they are constructing a mega complex with a pool and everything.
Middle left: They guys hang out area, now complete with entertainment system.
Middle right:  My bed that I like to be covered, because it blocks a lot of stuff out when I’m sleeping.
Bottom left:  Our armoires in our room, my whole life fits in one.
Bottom right:  Our laundry room, go DragonBall Z Towel!

Our spirits are up, you must know that.  To be in a building that is like a home, and not like a dorm setting inside of a church gives me a feeling of comfort.  To be part of a community and not locked away inside our own little world.  We have our own little pad, own kitchen, and I only share a room with three other guys.  It’s too bad we’ll only be here for a month and a half though, because we’ll be graduating soon from school also.

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