Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You Got Change?

One of the hardest concepts to wrap my head around comes from Romans 13: Submission to authorities.  Ughhh baarff.  I had talked about this to Roy about two months ago.  We had a good conversation and Roy told me that what the passage says is what it means to say, no way around it and I wasn’t taking it in wrong.  Paul explains that any authority is God-given and we must obey it.  It’s impossible to comprehend when the person in authority doesn’t do things that you agree with.  It’s a lot easier said than done.  Why am I saying this?

I will be frank, this week Extreme sent home a 40/40 in another cohort based on various things and I do not agree with that decision that was made.  I wanted to revolt, I wanted to pull an “A Bug’s Life” move like on the grasshoppers, I wanted to stand up for myself and what I believed to be right.  It made me mad, and it kept on bringing me back to Romans 13.  So I ripped that chapter out and now it doesn’t count. Joke.  Submit, submit, submit.  I didn’t want to, I didn’t agree with that decision but the best thing that I could do was to do what was plainly in front of me.  One of the ways I study the Bible is going through a bunch of steps that I have made every time I read.  You know what the last step says?  LIVE IT.  And I then noted that to be the most important step.  Nooooo, I trapped myself.  While I still don’t agree with the decision nor the way they handled it, I take into account many things including that I don’t know the whole story.  And it gives me a peace to arrive at this decision.  Though throwing fists might give me peace equally as much.

This week also, we say goodbye to Cohort 3.  Or say a half-goodbye.  They finish school this week and head off to be full time.  Congratulations to them!  A part of them go to Cuzco and the other part gets to stay here with me (hence “half-goodbye.”)  So we’re going to have more room around here, more room for all of our tons of stuff.  I am seriously excited to see what they do while we’re still in school.  They will be working full time and I am excited to see what they sow.

With the departure of Cuzco, we are moving to the other apartment.  Pics will be posted once we move in.  To be honest, I am so-so about the move.  I’d just rather stay here and tough it out for 2 more months before leaving for Puno.  But it doesn’t matter because we’ll be moving and it’ll be just fine, probably better.

One final note, I am climbing this lady:

Snowy Mountains 2

Volcan Misti.  The wife of Chachani.  Around Thanksgiving I will be summiting, and not submiting to this volcano (inactive.)  That’s a blog post I’m super excited about writing.  I’ve been running to get my lungs in shape to make this easier.  Just a thought to look forward to.

Click here.  Haz clic aqui.


  1. Continue to LIVE IT. That is wonderful inspiration for me. And I'm jealous you get to conquer that beast of a volcano. Legit.

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