Saturday, April 23, 2011

Twitter: Good Friday

These would be my tweets throughout the day if I had the power to tweet.  I carried a pad of paper and wrote what I normally would in a cell phone.  All the pictures correspond with their tweets.

This is the account by Twitter of my 17 hour day, the Friday before Easter:

4:03AM – Just finished off the Nescafe Original, since we’ll be unable fast.

We got invited to breakfast, so there was no sense in fasting.  Chad had bought a special gift for us…high grade instant coffee.  So I decided to finish it.

4:29AM – Normal traffic. Normal day. Just the sun hasn’t risen.

People everywhere, cars everywhere.  So that was normal, but it was 4 in the morning and usually the city is deserted.

4:46AM – Rinconada=eerie…


4:48AM – Honked the horn, no signs of life #uhoh

We get there and it looked like the house was dead.  This was a bad bad feeling.  I was about to be out in the middle of nowhere at 5AM and not be able to climb the hill to pray, because I couldn’t leave my motorcycle out.

5:26AM – Still waiting #lahoraperuana

We started to see a couple faces that we knew and that was great…but we woke them up haha, even though they told us to be there at 5.  Turns out the mom had to go out of town for a funeral and didn’t wake up the rest.  They always have excuses, this one seemed reasonable.


5:36AM – This kid is owning me.

An 8 or 10 year old kid was just dominating me up the mini mountain.


5:49AM – The wall #dangerous

I had to help these two kids up this 20 foot wall at about an 89 degree angle.  It was crazy, even though they told me it was “the best way.”


5:52AM – We have summited #chachani

Got to the top and everybody had candles and were building these rock structures to put their candles in.  No one was praying or reading the Bible.  I started to pray and had a great time and a great peace.  I started to read my Bible.  Geremías whipped his out too.  I read the story of what happened on Good Friday in John.


7:19AM – Edith is reading John 19 and 20 to me.

I asked Edith, one of our new Christians, if she wanted to read to me. She said yes.  I tried to stop her when she was too far in the story.  She said, “That’s great” and kept reading.  It was cool to see a hunger for the Bible.


7:44AM – We have started the descent.


8:25AM – The matriarch says “Let’s pray and read the Bible.” Ok.

Sticking with the theme, Geremías read in John.

8:48AM – It’s not even 9 and a couple people accepted Christ.

My partner explained what all Jesus did for us and then what we need to do as well.  He asked them if they wanted to invite Christ and to make it really short, now the rest of this family has come to Christ!

9:04AM – My partner is still talking.  The preacher lives!


9:14AM – Golf clap for the ol’ partner.

He was playing guitar and singing.  I was laying in the grass.


10:31AM – Food from Cuzco in Vicki’s house. Tamales. Bread. Tea. #breakfast #notenoughfood

Quick run to Salcedo for breakfast.


10:35AM – Jehovah’s Witnesses  just dropped by… #awkward

Vicki says, “Their religion is not correct, like ours.”  Good, very good Vicki.

11:31AM – At home for a bit.

To get the equipment ready for the movie tonight.  And to grab some papers.

1:02PM – Drunk guy just tried to kiss my hand, then proceeded to spit in my mouth #pleasant #sarcasm

In Jayllihuaya now.  This is the same drunk guy that when he sees me it’s the same 4 questions: Is WWE real or fake? What’s the difference between religion and science? Why are their blacks and whites? Where is God? I’ve answered them all.  10 times.


1:47PM – Dang it, I just finished my Pepsi.

Then this lady offers us potatoes straight out the ground and boiled.  She tells me not to peel it, more nutrients that way.  Great, bad after taste and no Pepsi.

2:08PM – Playing musical chairs up hurr in Jayllihuaya.

My partner decides to buy a big glass of Coke to share. And when I say share, I mean they use one plastic cup.  For everybody.  So I was hopping around, trying to avoid being next to receive the cup.


2:44PM – Telling people about our movie tonight.

2:51PM – Geremías is talking to the Catholic priest to borrow electricity #trojanhorse


3:21PM – I’m an uncle.

While talking with Betty, I greeted an old man by saying “Mr. Chino” and she said “Uncle Chino.”  I told her I didn’t know that he was her uncle.  She said that they’re a big family in Jayllihuaya.  Then she said, “Don’t you notice that all the kids call you uncle?”  I’m part of the family.


3:56PM – Guaranteed the electricity. Equipment will be here within the hour #hope

Not from the Catholic church, rather from a store on the other side of the plaza.

3:57PM – Peed in a bush #notuncommon

5:31PM – There’s a sheep in the soccer field #normal


5:55PM – Movie is all ready to go.

Oh, we start on time.  None of this Peruvian hour stuff.


6:00PM – Started! Time to sleep.


6:41PM – People showin up erywhere.

At one point, about 40.  Which is like the whole town.

7:03PM – Finally sat down, having good convo with the Rimarachin sisters.

Who are the daughters of the Nazarene president of Peru.  Really nice girls, and we let them do the invitation over the microphone.

7:31PM – Can’t feel my toes.

It’s cold.

8:11PM – Couple strong contacts and a convert! #winning

8:16PM – Stupid dog just peed on our equipment #welcometoperu


9:17PM – Enjoyed first real meal of the day. Quick internet break and bedtime. #missionsuccessful #sleeplikeababy


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