Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to Peru

In honor of my one year anniversary, I would like to do a short blog post on how exactly things are different here, things that are out of the normal, and how you can’t forget that you’re in Peru. Caution: there may be a hint of sarcasm or exaggeration.

You know you’re in Peru when…

You’re talking to a woman and she starts to nurse her 3 year old child in front of you.

There are signs on walls that say “No peeing.  There is order to slaughter.”

You see a family and a half on a motorcycle.

Clapping on beat is an option.

You saw a stop light, once.

People throw rocks at motorcycles and cars.

You get drenched by water, in the times of carnival.

People still go on strike.

Traffic is backed up, because of sheep on the road.

You see an alpaca in the trunk of a bus.

Bands go down the street at any hour of the day, night, morning.

People swing an axe and dance around a tree completely wasted.

A meal is not a meal unless there is rice.

There are 60 people in a 20 people bus.

Propane is delivered by motorcycle.

You have to vote.

The public colleges are better than the private.

Rotisserie chicken is a gourmet plate.

People have silver teeth.

You find your class pet on restaurant menus.

You automatically have money because your skin pigment is a touch lighter.

You see a beautiful government building next to a shack of a house.

People shoot off fireworks at presidential rallies. Or when they’re bored.

You live in a cash dominant country, and no one has change. Ever.

You see me :)

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