Friday, May 20, 2011

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

SANY0002So I’ve got a few updates to give, but we’ll start with the biggest: Won’t you be my neighbor?  Yes.  We now have a locale, where we will be starting mini-services this Sunday.  It is in Salcedo, even though we weren’t looking for a place there. 

One day we were about to play some soccer with some kids, when I happened to ask them if they rented rooms nearby.  One of the kids said yes, and guiSANY0003ded us the way to see it.  We actually “raced” there, and these kids were hard to not lose to.  Anyways, it was perfect.  It’s in a secure neighborhood, with night watch and a community “board.”  It’s on Avenida Gardenias, and it’s directly on the street.  You don’t have to go through other rooms of the house to get to it.  It has a clean bathroom.  So this place is 100% perfect, even though it’s a little small.  It’s a step though.

We had to buy benches and a desk in order to start the services.  From here on out, we’ll be augmenting the tithes and offerings as much as possible in order to better this place.  Hey, if they want a better sign, chairs, or a coffee maker we’re going to have to raise some money to but that.

SANY0009As far as the services, we’re keeping it simple.  We’re taking these people as babies.  We’re going to teach them a song one week and sing it.  Then we’ll sing it the next week and teach them a new one that week.  After we sing, we’re going to have a short reflection on the Bible, based on the lessons that we’re supposed to give to further these people in their walk with God.

By the power of modern transportation (motorcycle), we were able to visit 20 different people in one day in order to invite them.  Until I started writing the invitations, I had no idea that we knew so many people.  We didn’t just hand out invitations, these are peoSANY0003ple that we converse with on a regular basis about the Bible.  It was really encouraging to fitting it all in one day to invite them.

We’re going to have services at 5:00PM on Sundays and kids Sunday school at 10:00AM on Sundays as well.  I invite you personally to pray for these services, but especially for the 5 o’clock service.  Pray for guidance on my part, for enthusiasm as well, for soft hearts, and for wisdom on my partner’s behalf.

SANY0023On another note, I had guinea pig for the first time.  I had to eat it like a barbarian, because that’s what the people I were sitting with were doing.  You can see in the picture to the left the guinea pig paw.  I picked it up to eat it by the paw.  It tasted like greasy chicken, what little there was.


SANY0010Speaking of guinea pig, it was my partner’s birthday and he is in love with eating “cuy” as they call it here.  Happy Birthday Geremías!  He tore into this sucker and destroyed it.

To end this random blog post, it is my year anniversary coming up here in a couple days.  The 24th of May to be exact.  What are you going to buy me?

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  1. We are praying for you and your neighbors. We are proud of the work you all are doing. Feliz Cumpleanos Geremias! Happy Anniversary Garren...just a little more than a year to go? ((HUGS)) ~ Mom