Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Upon Arriving

Time flies.  I’ve been back here in Peru a little over 3 weeks now.  This week we’re starting our 4th week of work.  A lot has been going on, and I’d like to update what exactly it has been looking like.

Getting back has been rather easy…nothing big that shocked me.  The only thing that has been bad are the smells.  I was riding in a bus after getting off the plane and the lady handed me my change and it smelled like toenails.  That’s when I realized that the smells were a huge change.  Walking through the streets, and just everyday life are an abundance of challenges to smell your way through!

Big news in our districts: we have changed locales in Rinconada de Salcedo.  Before, we had rented out basically a party center.  While we were gone they threw a couple huge parties, even though we rented that space out.  They were drinking and getting their funk on, with a sign outside that said, “Church of the Nazarene, Called to Holiness.”  A little comical looking back on it, but the activities that took place did not honor God.  This wasn’t the first party they ever had either, it was actually the third.  The place was actually too big as well, so we’ve downsized.


The picture above is the new place.  Basically all the green you see we have rented out.  By downsizing we’ve been able to get a better deal economically too.  It is just a bunch of pluses moving to this new “church” building.


We had our first service in the new place this Sunday, the 4th of September (as pictured above.)  It was great, we had a great turnout and a nice little band to get us going.  For some reason people just have a hunger for a Church in Rinconada.  They are attracted and want to get involved.  It is really encouraging.  We meet a lot of people in the actual church services, and try (and fail often) to disciple them in their houses throughout the week.

As far as Jayllihuaya, it looks like we’re going to send our contacts that we’re discipling to Salcedo.  It’s on the bus route, and if we’re being 100% honest with ourselves, it doesn’t look as if we’re going to raise a church.  Now I don’t want to doubt God, and we’re definitely open to any possibilities that He might have in store for us.  I am also a strong believer that God gives us wisdom (James 1) to make decisions like this.  Humanly we might say that we didn’t raise a church in Jayllihuaya.  But divinely, I feel God will use it as a victory and have much greater plans.

A burden on my heart is not for Jayllihuaya, but rather the pueblo of Salcedo.  It’s our most “cityish” district…but people DO NOT want to congregate.  We disciple many people, I pour my heart out sometimes to these people.  They aren’t growing, it doesn’t click, something is not working.  I place it in the hands of God every time we go.  It’s the hardest thing not to get frustrated, or start to worry.  I just put it in the hands of the One who has any control whatsoever of the situation.

On another subject that doesn’t matter…I’m going to climb Chachani again.  I can’t decide if I’m excited or not.  But whether I’m excited or not…I’m going to climb it the same date as last year, New Years Eve Day.  And starting like a week ago, I’m not going to shave until I’m on top of the Chach.  Gotta spice things up, keep the variety going.

And lastly and randomly, I went to a Puneñen wedding…or it might has well been a funeral.  No one looked happy.  But then we went to the reception out in the sticks, which was pretty neat.  Pictures below.



That’s all for now.  Thanks for the prayers, thanks for reading, and thanks for all the support.  I hope you’ll listen to this and be able to enjoy it!  Don’t forget to email me at gmoore@extremenazarene.org.

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