Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For the past two weekends I have participated in some sort of conference.  One was a conference that I received, and the other was one that I gave.  I would like to share what I was able to learn and how I am being molded constantly into God’s will.

The first conference was a 2 and 1/2 day “seminary” called the “Thompson International Theological Seminary” (I think?) This is the conference in which I came and listened, not participated.  For those of you who don’t know what the Thompson Chain Bible is, it’s a Bible with margins filled with connecting topics called “chains.”It’s used to connect topics for preaching and for overall knowledge of the Bible.  It’s a Thompson Chain Bible because of the margins, and can be used with any version of the Bible itself.

Let me just say that it was great! The conference filled me with knowledge , strength and encouragement.  It was just a nice change to receive and be edified, rather than to just give and give…and give. I do, yes, have an in depth devotional time everyday, but there is just something about DSCF0422receiving knowledge and wisdom from someone else.  I also love learning or being a student and that was a great change from being a teacher and pastor.

A burden on my heart has been my effectiveness while I preach.  I at first would blame it on Spanish, but that in reality wasn’t it.  I didn’t have the correct tools nor knowledge on how to be effective while preaching.  Long story short: I feel much more equipped after this conference. At the end they gifted us a Thompson Chain Bible worth about $60.00.  Cool! A neat ministry based out of the States.

The second conference in which I actually participated was a leadership conference to try to build up leaders within our new church plants.  My compañero and I invited 2 people, and one of them showed (actually we went and got him!)  Each pair had a theme to present, and the pastor presented as well.  We were up last and we talked about the dangers of being a leader. I personally spoke about the dangers that a leader encounters in themselves.

Well, I’m not going to give you the speech, nor what I learned about the actual dangers themselves. But I do want to share how I realized God is changing and molding me. I felt comfortable up there speaking to 20+ people about my topic. I didn’t get jittery, nor get tunnel vision, but rather I felt at home in front of these people. I tripped up a few times, but only because I like to talk fast or not at all haha. A year ago, in Bible class, I was nervous giving a speech in front of all my friends. I hated every second of it. But got has changed my mind and has given me the comfort to lead people.

I will always chooses to lead by actions 100% of the time. But if my actions reflect what I say, then I should recognize that God wants to work through my words as well. I’m not saying that I don’t/won’t get nervous standing in front of a group of people, but rather that this is the first time I have felt comfort in doing it.  It’s not something I did, but rather a simple way, of many, in which God is working inside of me.

What’s a simple way that God is working in you?

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