Monday, June 25, 2012

A God Given Chapter

I’ve had a door opened wide recently during a chain of events. Let me share those events with you in the order they happened.

1. Geremías, my Peruvian counterpart, has decided to continue to nurse our infant church in Salcedo. It’s full of baby Christians and it needs more than just a person to come and preach once a week. These people need someone to disciple them and nurture them until the church can survive on it’s own spiritually and economically. This presents a problem for Geremías because he has decided to stay in Puno on a leap of faith without any type of income. I had some ideas on how to get him some money, I’d tithe to the church there among one of them.

2. There was an online broadcast hosted by Extreme on Friday, June 8th, that basically had to do with the future plans of the overall mission of Extreme. They explained future plans and needs. I emailed our director while watching it, asking out of curiosity what position would best fit me were I to continue with the next project. I didn’t want to close any doors with anybody. Other than curiosity and not wanting to close any doors, I had no other motive in emailing the director and I didn’t know why I really did.

3. Tuesday, the 12th of June, Brian, our director, called me to follow up on my email. He was trying to fit my skills with a position for Extreme. I told him the honest truth that I had to finish my studies in the States and that I just did not want to close any doors. I told him what my real skill set was, that I was willing to help, and that I get stuff done whatever it may be. He said he’d email me with more details and a possible part time job offer.

4. I received a forwarded email a few days later through the director, originating from the finance department of Extreme that detailed two listings for positions at which they think I’d perform well for about 7-10 hours a week. This was a perfect amount to balance between school and it had me elated, except for one little detail that had me questioning and even a bit resentful. For these positions, it would be necessary to raise $250 a month. I thought that if I was going to donate my time and do work for Extreme, to what did I need to pay?

5. Tuesday, the 19th of June, we left Puno to go to Cusco for our debriefing, as I would be going home in a few short days. As it turns out there was a short-term trip there and Sydney from the finance department of Extreme was on the trip along with her husband Mike. I decided to ask Sydney about this position, but really I wanted to know what was the purpose of raising $250 per month. Her husband Mike explained that every volunteer for Extreme has a minimum amount to raise, which is $250 per month. It’s purpose is to keep a commitment priority so that people are held responsible by donors. In the past, people in the States have decided that they didn’t like their job, or that they thought it was too much work, so they would just quit. It makes sense.

That answered the first part of my question, but not the second part: What is it’s purpose? Where does that money go to? Mike told me I can do with it whatever I would like after putting 9% in the administration fund. He said that I can donate it to a good cause, in order to make it easier to raise that money instead of using it for “videogames” as he said.

At that point all 5 of these events came together in one thought and I had an overwhelming sense of divine purpose: I had found the way to sustain Geremías in Puno to continue caring for the church. Instead of donating directly to him, I can donate money to him by helping Extreme and gaining experience in the finance world. It’s a win-win situation.

That’s where you come into this. I feel 100% led and confirmed by God to continue in this chapter of my life (hence the title) but yes I need to raise $250 a month. I’m asking you, dear reader, to please consider donating on a monthly or one time basis. You will be holding myself and Geremías accountable and helping sustain a church plant. I’ve already laid out the requirements on what Geremías needs to do as his part: photos, budget reports, purchase receipts, blogs, letters, updates, etc.

If feel led to donate, you can visit my page by clicking here and clicking donate or if you want more details you can email me at or call/text me starting in July at 440 897 2372. I will get back to you immediately and will explain to you with further details about your donation and this next chapter of my life. No fear, I want you to see where your donation is going and you will be able to receive updates on a monthly basis of how these new Christians are doing in southern Peru.

Thank you so much and God bless you all.


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