Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It All Boils Down…

A little “work” update of recently occurring events. It’s all coming to a close and this weekend was a major part of the closing. The national leader of the Church of the Nazarene of Peru came to visit each of our church plants.

DSC_0034He, Segundo Rimarachín, was to visit and preach in our church in Salcedo on Saturday the 16th of June. It was very difficult for us because it was a Saturday, when we usually don’t have service and when people are mostly busy with the market and their chores.

We had a decent turnout though with 13 adults and 6 adults who “asked for permission” to not be there. I’d that’s pretty good, if that’s how you want to sum up my year and a half of work here in Puno.


DSC_0007We had a meeting as well the night before Rimarachín left, and he offered to get us all rotisserie chicken. Basically, he thanked us for our work that we’ve done. He said we’re not just missionaries, but that we’re heroes because we are here in Puno. He said that not just anyone comes to Puno to plant churches and stays there for a year and half. He said that it takes a special type of person. These were all very encouraging words for us as a group. I could tell that he really meant it when he thanked us, and he backed it up by giving us a plaque that says:

Church of the Nazarene

Area: Peru

To the Missionary

Garren Moore

Recognizing his labor as a missionary in the city of Puno.


Lima, June 2012

DSCF1976I appreciated this kind gesture, it’s often easy to forget that my work is not in vain, and he made it clear that it has not gone without notice in all of Peru. Obviously that is not the point of why I do this work, but it helps keep spirits up. It’s pretty ridiculous to think that I’m 21 and God has used to me plant a church here in the south of Peru.

This upcoming week consists of a debrief in Cusco, I’ll preach Sunday, then I’ll get in all my goodbyes until the 27th. It’s almost done, the bittersweet end is all too near.

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